Work in progress status and links

This article holds my Github projects links related to Mirage-OCaml-ESP32 and will be updated with my progress. It also serve as my notepad and thought long-term storage so you might expect random stuff there too!


What now?

My OCaml Labs internship is done, and my ESP32 work has been presented at ICFP 2018's OCaml Workshop. So what's next ?

A month after the first proof of concept, work has been done and here is how you can start to experiment with Mirage on ESP32 chips.

I finally hacked my way into running a first Mirage hello world!

A guide to a full native compilation workflow for ESP32

Let's have an insight on what kind of processor ESP32 boards rely on. A lot of standard stuff but my attention will be drawn on something called "windowed registers"

Assembly, code generation and debugging fun!

As an intern at the OCamlLab, my project is to port MirageOS on ESP32 boards. This is my first post to explain a bit what is the subject, give some links, hints on what is to be done.


Value speculation exploits the CPU branch predictor to improve instruction parallelism. Here is an example of it in OCaml.

This is convoluted