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Lucas Pluvinage

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- blog: OCaml on ESP32 - a tale of cross-compilation
- status_post: Work in progress status and links - 02/10/2018
- description: This article holds my Github projects links related to Mirage-OCaml-ESP32 and will be updated with my progress. It also serve as my notepad and thought long-term storage so you might expect random stuff there too!
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What now?
My OCaml Labs internship is done, and my ESP32 work has been presented at ICFP 2018's OCaml Workshop. So what's next ?

Build your own Mirage application!
A month after the first proof of concept, work has been done and here is how you can start to experiment with Mirage on ESP32 chips.

A Mirage unikernel running on an ESP32
I finally hacked my way into running a first Mirage hello world!

Compiling and linking for ESP32
A guide to a full native compilation workflow for ESP32

The Xtensa architecture
Let's have an insight on what kind of processor ESP32 boards rely on. A lot of standard stuff but my attention will be drawn on something called "windowed registers"

Last week report
Assembly, code generation and debugging fun!

Mirage on embedded devices: where are we?
As an intern at the OCamlLab, my project is to port MirageOS on ESP32 boards. This is my first post to explain a bit what is the subject, give some links, hints on what is to be done.